About Me

A little about myself

My name is Amber Everingham and I am a Marriage Celebrant and Justice of the Peace.Matt & Abbie - Celebrant Amber Everingham

I grew up in Kingscliff, went to Kingscliff Primary School and later to Tweed River High School and now reside in Murwillumbah, so I am proud to call the Tweed Valley my home.

I am married to a marvelous man who also happens to be my “Roadie” come “Technician”.

I have 3 beautiful children, Sharnee, Jaab and Talitha, as well as 3 step-children, Melanie, Matt and Corinne. Between the two of us we have 18 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.

You ask me what was your motive in become a Marriage Celebrant? – This is my Story

When I first started thinking about becoming a Celebrant – I think it was in 1991 when I first started making enquires I was told that numbers were limited and it takes about 20 years to become a Celebrant.

So the doors were closed to me – I thought. Every time I made the enquiry after that I was told the same thing.

In early 2000 I was reading the newspaper and much to my surprise and pleasure there was an add in there about Celebrant Courses. I made enquires straight away to do the course, but was told that it still can take a couple of years after you are qualified to become registered as there was still a cap on the number of Celebrants that were allowed in an area.

That didn’t deter me one little bit, so I enrolled, did the course, and waited patiently for that letter to come from the Attorney General’s Office to say that I was registered.

I’m blessed, what more could I ask for? Oh yes, I did get that letter and yes I am a Marriage Celebrant -now you know my story.