Have you a baby or a child that you would like to do something special for?

How about a Naming Ceremony – this is the type of ceremony that is usually undertaken by a Celebrant, like myself, as it is non – religious.

If your child has a naming now, it doesn’tt exclude them from participating in a religious ceremony at a later stage of their lives. It is a way of welcoming someone that you think is special into this world.

Age is no barrier to a Naming CeremonyMarriage Celebrant Tweed and Gold Coast

Your babies entrance into the world is the beginning of a wonderful journey for both you and your baby.

Naming Ceremonies usually involve all the people that you feel are special to your child in so many ways. This is a Ceremony that all your family and friends can participate in.

You can select from quite a variety of rituals that may be used throughout the Ceremony.

Nearly every society has a ritual to welcome children into the world and integrate them into the community in which they belong.

Although these ceremonies can be vastly different each ceremony conveys essentially the same message: Welcome, you are one of us, we will do our best to protect and nurture you.

A Naming-Ceremony may also be chosen to signify a change of name for an adult.

Godparents or Guardians may be Appointed. This is your choice. Other family members such as Grandparents and brothers or sisters may also take part in the Ceremony.

Name Giving Ceremonies usually consist of:Wyat Marriage Celebrant Gold Coast Tweed Coast

  • Introduction;
  • Statement of a reason for the Ceremony;
  • Readings or poems;
  • Appointment of Godparents or Guardians (if applicable);
  • Vows are then taken.

In most cases Certificates of appreciation are presented.

You can make this happen – contact me for more details